Saturday, November 05, 2005


I have never been inclined to do the personal thing on this blog site. It is just not my bag. As a matter of fact, I despise that bio title “About Me”—sounds like George Bush hubris. It came with the blog structure and I am a dummy with this technology (don’t speak computer language—am an English major)--and don’t know how to change it . (The bio was written by a writer for Who’s Who in American Graphic Arts.)

However, I am so in arrears on commentary and cartoons at a time when the blog has been getting some encouraging feedback—I am biting the bullet with this posting.

It has been a summer and fall from hell. A faulty roof on our house finally gave way to the elements—a week of heavy rain in July (not hurricanes)—flooding the drywall ceiling in our bedroom which collapsed. It took two weeks to dry out that wing of the house and another several weeks of me hanging and taping drywall. (Contractors were too busy still trying to catch up from hurricane Charlie)

Additional distractions—aside from painting, rehabing the house— included a family reunion, falling off a latter, breaking a wrist and rib, getting a new roof—plus working to finish a bronze sculpture.

Right after the election, I predicted to anyone who would listen—mainly my family—that there would be a major scandal with Bush and his neocons before his term ended. I regret missing the beginnings of this debacle—but hope to do some catch-up soon. Bill Sanders

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