Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Real Bush? Where he has always been!

In the wake of hurricane Katrina , the chorus of “How could this happen in America?” has be reworded by some of President Bush’s supporters to read “How could this happen with Bush?” They wonder, where was the decisive, firm, no BS leadership that wooed them to the voting booth. They wonder what happened to the tough guy who kicked Saddam Hussein out of power and is “protecting “ us from the terrorists?

Well, folks, both Bushes are one and the same! In this disaster there has been no metamorphosis from the President Bush of 9-11 and the Iraq war—to the President Bush of hurricane Katrina.. Bush has been absolutely consistent in the pattern of who he is and what he stands for. It is just that voters and the mainstream media have not been very bright in figuring it out!

Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” only floats in the wake of corporate wealth and privilege. The fact that the poor (of any color) are not high on the Bush radar screen , should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention in the last six years.

The “true” Bush has a consistent record of cutting taxes for the wealthy and cutting programs for the poor. The “true” Bush has been trying to take the Social Security safety net out from under the elderly poor for the past year. The “true” Bush has been cutting health care for the elderly. The most recent “true” Bush appeared after the disaster, when he awarded huge no-bid contracts to Halliburton and subsidiaries—then gave those companies a legal exemption that allows the lowest wages to be paid to victims who work for the reconstruction.

George W. Bush’s hubris has been a lifetime lens through which he assesses the world. It is the measure against which most other ideas are found wanting and are of tainted origins. It is a construct where only parallel goals contribute to his comfort zone. He confuses fact with fantasy—“Mission Accomplished!”----and justifies decisions based on the certainty of his personal suspicions. It is a pattern deeply rooted in privilege. Should it really be a surprise that he cited the loss of Trent Lott’s house to epitomize the disaster of the Gulf Coast

He lives in a world of the “haves” nourishing a fantasy best described by columnist Maureen Dowd as being “born on third base but thinking he hit a triple.”

So, if Bush The Bold needs a war to fulfill his fantasies of hubris, and he can do it by unleashing the world’s most powerful military against a third world two-bit dictator, why not? And if Bush The Privileged has tunnel vision for the wealthy—let the poor eat cake, if they can find their way out of the Superdome.

Anyone besides me for impeachment? Bill Sanders

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