Friday, October 13, 2006

Wizard of Hubris

When Dorothy finally follows the yellow brink road to the Palace of the Wizard of Oz, she, her little dog Toto and three companions are confronted by a larger than life image surrounded by vapors of smoke. "I am the great and powerful Oz," declares the booming voice of the image.

As Dorothy and her entourage quake with fear, little Toto tugs at a nearby curtain, revealing a less than awesome figure speaking into a microphone while frantically pulling and tugging on various levers to maintain the illusion of the larger than life image among the vapors.

That is about where we are in this country with King George, the Wizard of Hubris.

The curtain of reality has finally been pulled back to reveal a small minded, arrogant Wizard of deception and lies whose ego is continually fed by the equal arrogance of his retinue of venal, incompetent, neo-con advisors.

Yet they still man their post before their custom control board, yanking on levers marked Iraq- WMDs, Iraq-Al Quaida, Iraq-enemy combatants, Iraq-fear, Iraq-defeatists, Iraq-unpatriotic, Iraq- denial, and that old favorite, God is on Our Side!

However, it is interesting to note that they are no longer yanking the levers of "Wanted, Dead or Alive" and "Bring Em On," as the "axis of evil"—North Korea and Iran tread down the path toward Nuclear viability.

Meanwhile, the Wizard’s trail of incompetence is littered with the bodies of more than 600,000 Iraqis and 2,700 Americans —not to mention more than 8,000 severely wounded U.S. troops.

But the Wizard remains in power while the Democratic Dwarfs scurry around still trying to find the Yellow Brick Road.

We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore, Toto! –Bill Sanders

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

GOP Values at work Posted by Picasa