Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Padilla in Bushland

What happens when truth collides with the fantasy world of the Bush Administration? Why, the fantasy world mutates before your very eyes into something quite different.

Invading Iraq because Saddam had weapons of mass destruction becomes invading Iraq because Saddam was a dictator killing his own people.

Saddam Hussein’s direct sponsorship of the 9/11 attack becomes Saddam Hussein’s long time evolvement with Al Qaeda..

No White House involvement in the CIA leak becomes no White House ILLEGAlITY in mentioning a CIA agents identity. And so on and so on!

Now, we find that Jose Padilla, a former Chicago gang banger with an 8th grade education has gone from being one of the “most dangerous” persons to U.S. Security (named an enemy combatant–accused of plotting to construct and detonate a “dirty” radiation bomb) —to simply being a common criminal charged with conspiring to send money to support some foreign group somewhere.

What about the fact that Padilla, an American citizen was whisked off to a Military prison and held without charges, without a lawyer, without communications and without a trial for three years? Ah, well, says the nations chief law officer----Bush crony, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales–all that is “legally irrelevant”.

We have all fallen down the rabbit hole!

Bill Sanders

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