Thursday, June 16, 2005

Scopes mentality revisited.

Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist President George Bush, and the Fox Network’s journalist impersonators owe an apology to the medical professionals and the judges who shouldered the burden of adjudicating the Terry Schiavo case.

Those leaders of The Flat Earth Society helped encourage, codify and facilitate the malicious and slanderous campaign by the religious right wing know-nothings in this country at the expense of thoughtful, conscientious professionals.

It will be interesting to see how all these “moral” high-grounders respond to the autopsy report.

How will those--who claimed that Terri Schiavo was alert and responding to those around her—explain how she did that when she had less than half her brain and a completely “dead” area that facilitates sight. (She was blind!)

That entire sad episode reminded me that this country has not made a lot of progress since the Scopes “monkey trial”.

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