Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Bush crying "wolf" again!

I find most interesting the juxtaposition of the "priorities" enunciated by President Bush at his press conference on his $2.6 trillion budget.

The President warned of catastrophic results if his social security "reform and privatization" program is not adopted. The budget story also reported that his proposal included a $10 billion reduction in the federal-state health program for the needy and disabled.

Then Bush ominously warned that without any change, the government is expected to spend $191 billion on Medicaid in the next year.

Really? All of that just for the health and welfare of our people? We're supposed to be upset with that?? Meanwhile we're perfectly content to spend over $300 billion for the welfare of Iraq!

Bush, in a dire warning , dismissed the Social Security trust fund as little more than "file cabinets full of IOUs."Then, almost in the same breath, lobbied for an option that would allow "privatized" accounts to be invested in treasury bonds because they "are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government."

The fact is that the Social Security Trust Fund is invested entirely in treasury bonds! The other fact is that Bush has a vary distant relationship with the truth

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