Thursday, December 22, 2005

War on Christmas----or intellect?

The so called “war on Christmas” is a phony straw man constructed by religious know-nothings and hyped by television’s talking heads hypocrites. As a “call to arms", it is about as honest and substantive as President Bush’s hype and rational for invading Iraq.

Most bible thumping “Christians" are biblical illiterates who don’t have a clue about the book they claim as the foundation of their belief. They have not done a whit of serious study of the scholarly investigations as to how the Bible was written, why it was written nor about the theological politics that litter the path of its evolution.

As a result our information landscape is occupied by controversies that range from the frivolous---war on Christmas, seeing religious symbols in grilled cheese sandwiches---to the serious---trying to force “intelligent design” as a scientific study in schools.

If you lined up a hundred of the religious dimwits supporting these causes, I’d wager you couldn’t find a one who could tell you who Huldah was or what role she played in the origin of the bible---much less discuss the politics of how the bible was edited, or why their favorite “birth of Christ” story is found in the most unreliable of the synoptic gospels.

If there is an " intelligent designer" he (or she) missed the boat in the distribution process to bible thumpers! Meanwhile, happy holidays, season's greetings, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanzaa and merry Christmas!

Bill Sanders

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